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About AlphaCredit


  • AlphaCredit begins operations by providing Payroll Deduction Loans to federal and state government employees in Mexico.
  • AlphaCredit obtains its first credit facility from an international financial institution for MXN$520 mm.


from an international financial institution

  • AlphaCredit expands into the Colombian market focusing on Payroll Deduction Loans to pensioners and state government employees by replicating the successful PDL business model in Mexico.
  • AlphaCredit issues its first on-balance asset securitization of MXN$400 mm in the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV).
  • AlphaCredit became a vertically integrated Company by acquiring 51% of its main PDL originator, Total Credit.
  • AlphaCredit diversifies its consumer lending business by including Automated Clearing-House Debit Loans to Mexican pensioners and retirees.
  • AlphaCredit becomes one of the leading players in the PDL industry by acquiring one of its main competitors, Prestaciones Finmart.
  • AlphaCredit Colombia becomes a vertically integrated Company by acquiring an independent PDL originator, Alianzas Efectivas.
  • AlphaCredit launches its financing solutions for Mexican SMEs through Factoring and Leasing services.
  • AlphaCredit Colombia presents its new Payroll Deduction Loans brand, Vive.
  • AlphaCredit accesses the international markets via its inaugural US$300 million senior unsecured notes.


senior unsecured notes

AlphaCredit issues Stock Certificates in the Mexican Stock Exchange

AlphaCredit® successfully issued stock Certificates for $ 1,800 million pesos with the slate code “ALPHACB 18” on the Mexican Stock Exchange, which will be used to increase consumer credit.

New Fintech platforms Development
Within the AlphaX laboratory, Fintech platforms were developed focused on providing consumer credit solutions and obtaining working capital for PYMEs, in a fast, simple and digital way.

New Factorage and Leasing brand
AlphaCredit® announces the launch of its Alcanza Capital brand, being the solution that Mexican SMEs need through a true business partner, where together we take the next step for the business of our clients.

Our products

AlphaCredit is a leading specialty finance company with operations in Mexico and Colombia, that offers (A) consumer loans through (i) Payroll Deduction Loans in Mexico and Colombia and (ii) Automated Clearing-House Debit Loans in Mexico, and (B) financing solutions to small and medium-sized companies in Mexico through (i) Factoring and (ii) Leasing services


Our Payroll Deduction Loan product, to federal and state government employees in Mexico and Colombia, allows us to offer our clients the appropriate financial support for any type of need. We have two consumer loans products:

Through the conclusion of a withholding agreement between AlphaCredit and the government agencies, we offer loans to its employees via payroll deduction.

  1. AlphaCredit enters into a Withholding Agreement with a Government Agency.
  2. AlphaCredit disburses approved PDLs directly to government employees/borrowers that comply with strict eligibility criteria.
  3. The Government Agency deducts the capital and interest installments directly from its employee’s payroll.
  4. The Government Agency transfers deductions of capital and interest to AlphaCredit through a master collection bank account controlled by an independent trustee.

We offer financial solutions for retirees and pensioners of the Mexican government through loans with direct monthly discounts to the bank account where their pension is paid.

  1. AlphaCredit disburses approved ACH Debit loans directly to retirees/borrowers that comply with strict eligibility criteria.
  2. AlphaCredit electronically deducts monthly principal and interest amortizations directly from the borrower’s bank account in which the pension is paid.


Our main target is to support the development of small and medium enterprises in Mexico, offering specialized services for factoring and leasing. We finance working capital needs in the short, medium and long term for the operation of their business.

This service supports the productive cycle of companies and their working capital needs, offering greater liquidity by discounting their invoices. The inflows are mainly used to cover operating expenses, inventories, development of new products or services, or any new business opportunity.

We offer a financial alternative to SMEs so they can acquire fixed assets, avoiding investing their capital in depreciated assets. AlphaCredit helps companies to improve their capital structure and optimize their tax burden.

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Offering Memorandums

USD$300 mm International Notes 2022
USD$400 mm International Notes 2025

Corporate News

Date New header English Spanish Portuguese
January AlphaCredit© enters into an agreement to raise up to USD$125 million from an investor group led by SoftBank’s Latin America Fund
January AlphaCredit© Prices $400 million U.S. Dollar-denominated 5-year Senior Unsecured Notes
Date News header File
January Offering memorandum US$300 million senior notes
March AlphaCredit Issues US$300 million Senior Notes
March AlphaCredit Announces Hedging Conditions of Recent Bond Issuance
June AlphaCredit Issues On-Balance Asset Securitization in the Mexican Stock Exchange
June AlphaCredit Announces Integration of Independent Board Member
June AlphaCredit issues Stock Certificates on the Mexican Stock Exchange